Dronecode Project

You will find out what Dronecode Project offers for a complete UAV solution and how you can contribute:
  • Flight-Controller Hardware
  • Autopilot Software
  • Ground Control Station
  • Developer APIs
The Dronecode project delivers a collaborative and shared open source platform for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS). The Open Source UAV Platform. A neutral place where industry and community developers can contribute technology in order to reduce costs and time to market. Dronecode
Platforms Layers
  • Comms
  • Flight Code
  • Ground Control Station
  • Hardware
  • Simulation
  • Developer APIs
The active Working Groups are:
  • Camera API WG
  • Code Quality WG
  • Messaging WG
  • Safety WG
  • User experience (UX) WG
  • Dronecode SDK WG
Links to archived Working Groups (Inactive):
  • Airspace Management WG
  • Autopilot Connector Definitions WG
  • MAVLINK Camera WG
  • Documentation WG
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